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Events & Management Plus can provide your Association with a business office specifically designed to assist with the care of your Association's most important asset - the membership! Your Association has a permanent address, a telephone answered with the Association's name, and a staff who treats each of your members as Very Important Persons.

We provide a seamless system of membership services with renewals, reminders, and recruitment from inquiries. We are always mindful of the importance of benefits to members and the importance of servicing them promptly and efficiently.


  • maintain up-to-date membership database
  • produce membership update reports as required
  • process new member applications
  • send out yearly membership renewals; process, receipt
  • follow-up reminders to members in arrears
  • produce membership lists as required
  • respond to routine inquiries
  • send membership information packages to potential new members
  • handle subscriptions and fulfillment of journals
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