Our goal is to help each of our client associations grow and prosper. Possibilities for membership growth, smooth delivery of membership services, and long-term planning for the future are all enhanced by our administrative team that anticipates your needs and provides you with all of the support you need to be a successful and dynamic association. We have the commitment, experience, and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Communications / Website Maintenance

The number one reason for membership in an association is the opportunity to communicate with one’s peers. Our services are designed to maximize the exchange of ideas among members, keep them abreast of changes to the profession, and remind them of the value of their membership through their website, social media, publications, and virtual meetings.

The website is an association’s face to the world. It is essential that the website is kept current, and is a useful resource for both members, potential members, and the general public.

Membership Growth / Retention

Members are your association’s most important asset. We provide a seamless system of membership services with renewals, reminders, and recruitment from inquiries. We are always mindful of the value of benefits to members and the importance of servicing them promptly and efficiently.

Certification / Accreditation

We have extensive experience developing, administering, managing and maintaining certification, accreditation and credentialing programs. For those certified, Maintenance of Competence (MOC) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are essential; there are many models of accreditation, and we have the experience necessary to meet the standards or criteria required to claim CPD credits. We are committed to not only supporting all CPD/MOC Program participants, but also ensuring that the program responds to the learners’ feedback and addresses their needs and expectations.

Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare)
The Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement has created a credential to recognize individuals committed to lifelong learning and those responsible in developing and offering CPD programs. The Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare) credential is a formal designation for those engaged professionally in the discipline of CPD and recognizes the achievement of those engaged in CPD as leaders, program developers, researchers and administrators, whether physicians or non-physicians. EM+ proudly has a senior member on staff, as the only individual in Canada representing National Specialty Societies, with this new designation.

Sponsorship Integration

Creating opportunities for sponsors to reach the specialized audience your association can provide is often critical to the association’s financial success. We work with you to develop and deliver meaningful experiences for both the sponsors and their target audience to produce great outcomes for everyone.

Business Meetings

We handle all of the details of Board and membership meetings efficiently, including minutes, agendas, awards, nominations and elections, annual general meeting arrangements, and notification.

Executive Support & Governance

Our association management services are designed to handle all of the day-to-day administration tasks professionally and efficiently, freeing up your Board members to devote their time to governance. We bring knowledge, skills, and tools to your Boardroom table to help you expand your organization’s capabilities and make decisions based on solid data and practices.

Financial Management

To manage any organization, systems must be in place to provide complete accountability and clarity to the client. We custom design systems to meet your financial needs and provide monthly financial statements, preparation to audit-ready status, and perform tasks within budget.